Every parent wants their children to have the very best start in life. When it comes to how to make that goal a reality, parents should consider the SmartStart plan, offered through The Shank Group. This program gives your child a head start on saving for their college education, the down payment of their first home, and even their retirement, all while giving them the protection of life insurance.

The SmartStart plan is a way to help you set aside funds to protect your child’s future while protecting their insurability, regardless of what happens later in life. The SmartStart life insurance policy provides insurance coverage for your child, coupled with a cash value savings component, which is certainly a smart start.

Some insurance organizations and professionals are simply trying to sell you proprietary insurance products to earn commissions. We don’t believe there are any one-size-fits-all solutions, and we don’t sell our own products. Instead, we take the time to understand your financial situation, your goals for the future and your budget to help you find a policy that is a perfect fit. We are committed to helping you find insurance solutions that meet your goals, your needs and your bottom line, and we can shop more than a dozen carriers for you to make that happen.

SmartStart is a smart choice for your child; The Shank Group is a smart choice for you.

Question & Answer

Q: What are the advantages of the SmartStart plan?

Clients love the SmartStart program for many reasons. First, this plan allows you to protect your child’s future insurability, regardless of what medical issues might come up in the future. This means your child’s family will have peace of mind knowing that death benefits are available, should the worst happen. Also, SmartStart is much more than a simple life insurance plan. The cash value portion of the policy accumulates tax-free. Even better, the amount of money you can earn on those savings is generally more than you’ll find in any bank or other guaranteed financial instrument.

The policy’s growth is indexed to the performance of several different indexes (of which you can select from), but there’s no market risk of loss. This means your funds get the best of both worlds: upside potential without losing your principal. Remember that the cash value can be used for any purpose your child chooses as an adult. Funds can help pay for college, fund the expenses of starting a business, buying a home or getting married, and even help pay for expenses in your child’s retirement years.

Q: Do I qualify for SmartStart?

The SmartStart plan is first and foremost a life insurance product, covering your child’s life. So, qualification decisions are based on your child’s health at the time you apply for coverage for them. Generally speaking, most children qualify for the SmartStart plan through Symmetry Financial Group.

Q: When should I buy SmartStart?

The best time to begin the SmartStart program for your child is now. The cost of the insurance component will rise the older your child gets. In addition, starting sooner means the funds set aside (the cash value component of the policy) will have more time to accumulate and grow. Having the power of time on your side with the SmartStart plan can yield astonishing results. Because the returns are indexed to the market, nobody can guarantee exactly how much money your child will have when it comes time to draw on the cash value for college expenses. The SmartStart life insurance policy comes with the potential for dramatic growth to give your child the head start they deserve.

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