At the Shank Group, we are looking for the ambitious insurance industry professionals who already have an agency and who look to grow their agency even more. Life, Health, or P&C. 

You may be a fit for a Wholesale role if…

  • You know how to set goals and inspire a team to achieve it
  • You recognize the irreplaceable value of hard work and what it takes to achieve financial success.
  • You are desire to be a leader people love to follow. 
  • You have a proven background in building and managing teams.

In the Wholesaler role, you are given access to training, tools, carriers, and resources to help grow your business. You chart the course in this role and are offered all the tools to succeed in your independent agency. 

  • Competitive Commissions and Bonuses: Top contracts at over 40+ carriers
  • Health Insurance Benefits Available
  • Technology: Easily run every facet of your business  with our proprietary technology
  • Passive Income: Residual income on your book of business
  • Team Culture that seeks to promote without over-working you: Aggressive promotion culture means you advance in your career quickly and your agency grows.
  • Training and mentorship: A clear training and mentorship process to help you achieve your career goals. 


  • Existing Life, Health, P&C agency only. 
  • An impeccable record of integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to use online technology to drive business results.